Marketing used to be easy for the small business owner. You would budget out your newspaer costs for recurring ads, then you also had the coupon books or flyers, and finally the yellow pages. Sounds simple? It was!

Now the print media industry is suffereing through one of the worst downturns in industry history.

  • Profits have dropped by 50% in the past 9 years.
  • Advertising revenues are only a thrid of the rates in 1999.
  • Costs for placing an ad have more than doubled, and are predicted to rise even further.
  • Subscriptions have decreased by 30% while electronic media has surged due to rise in mobile data and the Internet

Businesses can no longer afford the rates for published newspapers, and make a move into the digital versions of the respective newspaper’s online services.

But to maintain a digital media presence with a newspaper, readers expect to be able to get more information via the Internet. If your company does nothing to uphold the online experience of your brand, then first impressions about customer service end up being bad ones. It used to be that customer service was judged by someone walking into your location, and your store, staff and management made the first impression. Now, with the advent of online and mobile research the website is the first impression a business makes in most cases.  People are information hungry, and a properly done online presence can convert more customers than any form of printed media.

There are 6 types of marketing services ClickNGo Group offers:

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The consistency and usage of your brand and logo is essential to the success of your marketing and sales development. HCP will monitor and track all brand usage and ensure that, in every way possible, your brand is not corrupted or lost in the background of media clutter, and is also preserved through internal company usage. Our brand professionals will ensure your brand maintains its integrity and stands out against the rest, giving your company the advantage of being remembered.


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